Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Jake is TWO!


 It is hard to believe that this little dare-devil has graced this earth for two whole years now. Sometimes I look at him and see the sweet little baby boy that I fell for on day one, while most other days, I see his determined, adventurous father reincarnated in the rough-and-tumble body of a little boy, no longer a babe. One moment he’s snuggled up on your chest, giving you the sweetest hugs, kisses, and cuddles, only to throw his head back with a big ROAR and sprawling dinosaur hands….and sometimes he’ll even try to sneak in a little bite or two. He’s a feisty one.


Jake has grown immensely over the course of this past year of his life: taking his first steps shortly after he turned one, climbing the peaks of every playground we ventured by the sweet age of 18 months, and finally the momentous descending of the household staircase on his riding John Deere Tractor. His vocabulary matches his tenacity for life, his favorite saying being, “made a mess.” He announces his messes quite often, “oh no. made a mess!” In fact, I believe he makes messes on purpose, just so he can announce that he made one. (And no, he does not like to clean them up…unless you sing the “Everybody Clean Up” song.)


I have no idea what the future holds for my little man, but I do know that whatever it is, he will take it in stride and with the biggest smile on his face: Jakey style. With his personality, he is destined to do BIG things. 🙂

Happy Birthday Jake!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

  1. Stephie,  You and Luke have the most photogenic kids and you do such a fabulous job of letting the rest of the family go along with you. He is just perfect. Has his package arrived yet? Maybe Monday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE! FROM AUNTIE M AND AUNT  DEBBIE!!!


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