Mama *might* Attempt a Blackberry Pie

BB picking 2015

We woke up early today and hit up our local farm…fresh blackberry picking. Opening day, to be exact, so the majority of the blackberries weren’t exactly ready to be plucked yet, but we had made the mistake of promising Ava one too many times a trip to the farm to pick strawberries over the past many weeks, and every time we actually made the two mile trip over there, it was “closed for ripening”. They finally reopened today for blackberry season, so we jumped on it this morning, so as not to miss it again. We actually lucked out and got some strawberries, too!

Blackberry picking 2015

Ava was all about the pickin’ (the girl would not stand still), but as you can see from the pictures…Jake was a little less enthused. He just moseyed up along the vines, putting the occasional blackberry in the box if it was handed it to him. All – in – all, it was HOT and we lasted maybe thirty minutes before both kids started complaining about the heat. As we were leaving, I asked Ava if she wanted to live on a farm and she emphatically said, “NO!” I thought for sure we had a farm girl on our hands as much as she loves the outdoors and getting dirty, but apparently the heat won this morning. City, it is.

Jake BB picking 2015 2 BB picking 3


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