You make my heart thump, thump, thump…

We are spending this Valentines Day like any other day — hanging around the house in our jammies. Valentine jammies, of course. Daddy is laid up in bed after surgery yesterday, so it looks like mama’s littlest valentines will have to do for the day. We’ve been really busy today: taking a bath with our clothes still on, dumping an entire box of crackers….and then pretzels, attempting circus acts on top of the ottoman (that ended fairly bad, Ava’s slightly black eye serves as evidence, however this happened thankfully after these pictures were taken), beds were jumped on, toys were stolen from each other, and yogurt tubes were squirted e v e r y w h e r e….. but, amidst all of the chaos, I did happen to get a few seconds of sweet serenity. It may have been forced, but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. See below. 🙂

Ava Vday2015 1 Ava Vday2015 2 Ava Vday2015 4 Ava Vday2015 update Ava Vday20153 AvaVday2015 3 Vday 2015 2 updated Vday 2015 2 Vday 2015 3 vday 2015 5 vday 2015 6 update vday 2015 6 Vday2015 2 vday2015 4


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